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The fascination of space and the unknown always fills the heart with joy. It captures the undivided attention of the parents as well as the aspiring students in the house. We belong to the cluster of countless galaxies, myriad and quintessential. The universe is not under any obligation to make sense but the beauty will captivate your senses. Like Brain Cox said and I quote “There are billions of places out there that we know nothing about. The fact that we know nothing about them excites me, and I want to go and find out about them”. So this holiday season we thought to bring to you some of the beautiful space facts to flabbergast you about the thing that you think is the final frontier but for many of us, it is just the next frontier. These 7 interesting facts about the unknown will take you for a joy ride into the new frontier.

The myth is mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system but it is Venus which is scorching with approx. 450-degree centigrade due to a lot of gases in the atmosphere resulting into greenhouse effect.

The highest mountain in the known universe is not Mount Everest, its Olympus Mons of Mars which is thrice the size of Mount Everest and the largest so far known to mankind.

Two piece of same metal will came into close proximity or touches each other in space than they will link and never break up like covalent bond as there is no oxidizing agent between the two pieces like in earth.

The first footprint on moon will continue to remain there till 100 million years from now due to no air or water it will continue to exist without any disturbance. The true hall of fame mark indeed!

The Neutron star is the Usain Bolt among celestial bodies, though tiniest (just 10 km in radius) it spins as fast as 600-712 times per second.

Scientist of Yale University suggests that there could be a planet 40 light years away from earth and part of cancer constellation may have a surface made of diamond and graphite they call it 55 Cancri E.

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