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Algorithm is a step-by-step process of solving a well-defined computational problem. In practice, in order to solve any complex real life problems, first we have to define the problem and then, design algorithm to solve it. Composing and executing a straightforward program might be simple; notwithstanding, to execute a greater one, each piece of the program must be efficient. In short, algorithms are used to simplify the program implementation.

A calculation is a successful technique communicated as a limited rundown of all around characterized directions for ascertaining a capacity, beginning from an underlying state and starting information. The instructions describe a computation, which will eventually produce output, when executed. We can use algorithm to solve any kind of problems. However, before writing a program, we need to write the steps to solve the problem in simple English language. This step-by-step procedure to solve the problem is called algorithm. the way of execution of the program shall be categorized into three ways:

(i) sequence statements;

(ii) selection statements; and

(iii) iteration or looping statements. This is also called as „control structure‟.


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