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crop require three things for good development: water, supplements from the dirt, and security from predators, for example, bugs. Science has made significant commitments in every one of the three regions. Water purification uses a number of chemical and physical techniques to remove salts and contaminants that would pollute the soil.

Water Purification

Fresh water is essential for good crops. In some areas of the world, there is enough rain to accomplish this task. In other locales, water must be provided so the crops will grow. Worldwide, irrigation covers about 18% of farm land and produces some 40% of crops.

*A major source of cleaner water in many parts of the world is provided by the process of desalinization.

Soil Nutrients

In many areas of the world, the soil is deficient in essential nutrients. A number of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium may not be present in large enough amounts to cause good plant growth. Nitrogen is extremely important for good crops.

Plant nutrients are very important for good plant growth.
Chemical analysis of soil can tell he farmer or gardener what nutrients are needed.
Chemists have developed many pesticides that will kill plant predators such as the army worm and the boll weevil.


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