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Acid rain is caused by sulfur and nitrogen oxides emanating from power plants or metal refineries. The smokestacks have been built tall so that pollutants don’t sit over cities

pH and Acid Rain
Acid rain water is more acidic than normal rain water. Acidity is measured on the pH scale. Lower numbers are more acidic and higher numbers are less acidic (also called more alkaline)

Effects of Acid Rain
Acid rain takes a toll on ecosystems. Plants that are exposed to acids become weak and are more likely to be damaged by bad weather, insect pests, or disease. Snails die in acid soils, so songbirds do not have as much food to eat. Young birds and mammals do not build bones as well and may not be as strong. Eggshells may also be weak and break more easily.

Nitrogen and sulfur compounds emitted high into the atmosphere create acids that later fall as acid rain.
Acidity is measured on a pH scale. Rain that is 5.0 or less on that scale is considered acid rain.
Acid rain weakens plants and animals and damages cultural treasures.

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