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What is the point of learning if you can’t remember what you have learned?  Memory is the natural phenomenon which comes as an instinct, once you are acquainted with the subject you want to learn along with organizing in your mind.

If you think mugging will help, you will find yourself in big trouble when the time for execution of theoretic comes. Scratching your head, hoping the answer will magically pop may sound dreamy, will soon try out to be your biggest nightmare.

Penny for your thought: Are you considering smart learning?

In this blog will discuss the two most important aspects of smart learning followed by another blog on the rest of the ingredients.

Video & Audio Visualization

Video creates an experience, like when you hear the voice of iconic personalities giving heart clinching declamatory you feel exhilarated. Great historians, iconic characters and political figures introduced to the students from centuries ago in the form of audio-visual medium trigger’s sensory experience that energized furthermore ignites revelation. It broadens envisions of students who can stimulate great understanding of the extinct species (both human and wild). It generates a clear image for the learners when they are able to reciprocate with their senses as it is consequently the easiest and the most natural process.

These experiences incline as ideas, as well as concepts which come to life as students slide into the world of truism through each adventure.

Audio visual aids are the biggest motivator as students work with more attentiveness and zeal. We can agree on the fact that firsthand experiences are the best type of educative experiences. Say for example it’s not always possible to conduct field trips to TajMahal for all the Students of India. In such situation, the best substitution comes in form of audiovisual aid.

In science it would be extremely hard to understand Chemical bonding between atoms without having some visual reference. With that reference one can easily picture the information much effectivly in the process of learning.

Real-World Learning

Real-world learning gives the student to actually practice concepts along with skills which is either idealistic or theoretical. It countenances learning that is relevant and directly related, providing benefit to the society, the students, and their family.

Real-World learning provides various occasions for the learner to talk, laugh, move about and comment upon. Under the influence of such an atmosphere, the students show wiliness and anticipation to work as they want to work and not because of some external pressure.

Integrating current affairs in the classroom forge the most effective learning session. This helps them distinguish furthermore be more informative and aware of the global affairs that will help them bridge the connection between what is taught in the classroom and what is happening in the real world.

Say for example the best way to introduce the real world to students is to give them a real experience which will allow them to observe as well as learn.

PiRuby instills a desire for lifelong learning into all students. PiRuby believes real-world learning is an incredible technique that will help to achieve so. With structured assessment and learning are carefully woven into the methodology to build a thoughtful context for students to learn and advance as better academicians.

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