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Kids and their gimmicks will make you laugh and cry at the same time! An enticing dilemma isn’t it? The tantrum, the emotional drama, the pickup lines and the excuses that they pick up either from the parents or by anticipating visual contents that either comes on Television or Surfing Internet seem magnanimous. But is restricting them and depriving them of the deluge information in the net or television going to solve any sort of problems? The answer is lucid “NO”.

Parenting is tough (hats off to them) and it always keeps them on their tippy toes! It is evident that internet is full of contents both seamy and illuminating; a child can quite effortlessly drift into the gloomy and sleazy facet of the internet rather than stepping into the cathedral of wisdom. With few clicks and your child’s innocent search of Bugs Bunny can turn into a bawdy image of women wearing bunny headgear and nothing else! Trust me or you also can try this on your favorite search engine! Raunchy picture and characters, horn, hate extremist groups and falsity are looming all over the internet. It gives your child a nefarious charm and for you, all the nightmares!. And it will take considerable of your time and effort to preserve the interest of your child by annulling garbage out of your child’s radar.

Step into your child’s shoe (cyber world)

Parents have to know everything and have to get involved in it like when you do when your child goes to play on the playground. Likewise, you have to be part of their online playground as well. Playing co-pilot will help your child to stick to the safe lane that doesn’t mean breathing on their neck for every move they make, take a step back and monitor in stealth mode. How can you do it?

White list and Blacklist Websites

Though it scantly minimizes the risk of a child exposure to odious content still it is a step towards securing your child’s innocence and outlook. But the drawbacks are abounding such as White list can’t be possible as too many websites to cover. It’s like separating a handful of stars from a galaxy (good illustration?). Similarly, Blacklist is also not an answer to the problem as it goes soft on Bollywood and Hollywood peppy contents, abusive monologues and flashes.

The Last Resort

Well, the concern has brought us on our knees for an effective solution. \Some tools are available in the market that provides a quick sneak peek on your child’s web browsing history.  While the detection is after the transgression, it can be used to minimize the risk. But still, it doesn’t solve the educational content search issue.

PiRuby your one-stop app

PiRuby incented to give the parents sound sleep and a scope to relax their nerves every time their child goes online. PiRuby brings your child the power to discover educational content contextual to each textbook page without deviating from the path of righteousness.

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