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If any concept is studied from multiple perspectives, it solidifies understanding of that subject.

A study from a single source is conventional and could lead to unimaginative and wily intelligence but different paradigms of understanding can be ordained by learning from diverse sources.  Learning goes out of the window because of mugging facts; your acumen personality feels obliged and craves for interactive learning to feed your appetite which is currently incited by augmented reality apps for education. Job market drives on diversity and versatility, acquisition of knowledge or skills through studying from different source gives you the exposure on the given topic meticulously.

Single source of learning will eradicate the scope of experimenting with the particle implementation of the concept. One of the bulging rules of learning is to use credible facts and figure but the question here is “Is the source tenable today and how will you verify that?” The answer is lucid – collating two different approaches on the same topic will clear the air of doubts. The diverse source will help determine the quality of the education rather than concentrating on the quantity of the education and power with augmented reality in education it creates a building block of intriguing knowledge.

Finding information from search engines could be laborious and ineffective.

A student in pursuit of specializing in a particular subject needs breadth and depth insight on the subject which can only be consumed by learning from diverse sources. Considering the options spending elongated hours hounding for a solution on a search engine on a topic which is not sorted by educational level can solve your problem. Or you can without frill look into PiRuby’s “Concept on Demand” fuelled by augmented reality in education, a groundbreaking strategy for effective learning to make search adequate and precise.

PiRuby aims to serve decisive and reliable scholarly content for every segment of students, depending on the textbook page they are engaged with. PiRuby gives you the versatility to choose among the different set of difficulty level of the topic, which is explained thoroughly. It also gives you the dynamics of gathering knowledge from the expert panel scrutinizing on a given topic from a different perspective.

Augmented reality in education is the cornerstone of education, keeping it in mind PiRuby came up with an exemplary video of a concept as an introduction to teaching methodology. It serves the purpose to develop information literacy, magnifying student’s creativity, and participation. Every topic is probed by experts from over the world to provide a distinctive insight on the topic.

Importance of Practical knowledge

Knowledge is the combination of theory and Practical, which connects facts and information on a particular subject. Depiction from studies of experiment and practical implementation along with amassing dexterity through learning and experience overcome the hurdle of knowledge.

Theoretical knowledge helps to understand the ground rules of the subject and define the principal but it fails to give control over the subject whereas Practical knowledge with the help of augmented reality in education brought to you by pi ruby is to manifest the ideology of “knowing how”. It will help the student to cover them in the cocoon of conceptual and social learning and deeper understanding through the action of doing and personal experience.

PiRuby offers videos of practical applications associated with the concept to help you under the concept. For example, if you have theoretical knowledge of how to drive a Car you would probably feel weak in the knees when it comes to actually put that knowledge into execution. Though Theoretical knowledge helps you to acknowledge yourself with the mechanism, it is the practical knowledge that will help you drive the car. With PiRuby’s augmented reality in education and video interface for practical application one can propel the course of acquiring practical knowledge, intelligence and understanding offered by the expert professionals over the globe.

Perspective Matters

When the apple fell on the head of Newton it was the perspective that led to the discovery of gravitation and we know the story from there. Though the phenomenon gave rise to numerous questions depending on different perspective the answer was “Gravity” which led to the discovery of the motion of moons and planets. Similarly on a given topic discussion and deliberation will lead to greater understanding of the subject and when combed by experts all over the world, then it is the students who will be benefitting the most from this. So grab the state of the art learning design of PiRuby to tackle the monotonous and exhausting ways of learning.

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