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By the time children reach middle school and high school, education gets pretty serious and they are exposed to many learning channels. Let’s show you some user scenarios for the middle school and high school students.

Let’s take the case of a middle school going kid, Jay, a 7th grade student. It’s a routine for Jay to attend school and be back home by 4 PM while both his working parents return home by 7 PM. Soon after school, Jay comes home and completes his homework during this time, when his parents are around to help him. As Jay is reading the text book describing various organs associated with the human digestive system, he is having difficulties understanding how various digestive organs are co-located and how they function together. Using PiRuby app, Jay holds his phone on the open page and immediately obtains a number of videos that show 3D animation of the digestive system and even about the entire process of digestion…this builds a strong memory thread in his mind making it easier to remember even on the long run. If there is any mention of diseases on the textbook page, then videos related to diseases of digestive organs are also presented.  If any scientist’s name that discovered a cure for the digestive disease is mentioned, then videos pertaining to the life and works of that inventor are made instantly available. Jay is thrilled to learn so much so fast.

Let us put forward another scenario where PiRuby comes to rescue, Rupa is a 9th grade student.. Rupa’s father comes home from work late at night around 10 pm and Rupa’s mother is not capable of assisting her at home. Hence, Rupa is trying to comprehend what went taught in the class hours about the French Revolution in a distant culture as part of History class. Rupa attempts to memorize the dates, events and characters but unfortunately is unable to remember them all. Rupa uses PiRuby to instantly get many videos that offer portraits of historical figures involved, images and animation of this 18th century revolution and even a few related documentaries and short movies.

Another classic example of how else PiRuby can be of help is in the case of Hema, a 12th grader. Hema is finding difficulty in understanding electric motors by referring to his eTextbook on the smart device (tablet). Hema uses PiRuby app for eTextbooks to get speedy access to videos that not only show the concepts behind an electric motor in animation, but also videos that explain how it’s manufactured and many practical appliances that use electric motor. On the whole, the cases of Jay, Rupa and Hema the similarity proves that PiRuby can be a great self-study material or simply a great personal assistant for school students . In addition to visual learning with the videos, PiRuby users are organizing the concepts they are learning in each textbook page/section using Mindmaps and assessing themselves quickly with short Quizzes to cement their learning. These elements play a vital role in the engagement levels of the students and hence make PiRuby the best self-study assistant for learners of all levels.

So now is the time you take learning to the next level, let’s begin here

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