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Learning has been reaching new levels and is subjected to high exploitation. People are constantly looking for newer mediums to learn faster, quicker and from a very reliable channel. PiRuby has brought in the latest and the unique methodology to aid this crisis of improper channelizing of educational (learning) materials. PiRuby is focused on “Concept on Demand”, a very unique strategy of making search results more relevant and precise. For instance, search results from search engines are mostly not user or class specific, both 8th Std and 12th Std student who search for a concept like “Photosynthesis” end up surfing hundreds of results. This is time consuming for the users and they prefer a narrow search.
Further, eLearning content providers discover their own way of categorization and segregate content in order to make it easily assessable. However, the topics and concepts need to change as syllabus changes. Another problem of interest is the huge subscription charges to be payable upfront for one whole subject for the entire year. And mostly eLearning Videos offered in such year-long packages is being taught by just one or two teachers despite their abilities to masterfully present all concepts in a subject.
Introducing PiRuby’s Concept-on-demand
We instantly provide very reliable and trusted Educational content from across the globe from millions of freely accessible online content also also from paid sources for the concepts under study.
Our algorithm contextualizes content in a great way where the level of difficulty of the concepts are explained in each page in brief and in a more understandable way.
We bring in the combination of expert teachers on vivid concepts on the same subject. This allows the students of different learning paces to adapt and learn easily in a personalized learning environment.
There is no necessity to buy a year-long subscription, the student or learner can just buy the number of Concept searches they need! Using the PiRuby App, just point your mobile’s camera to the open page of the textbook!

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