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Value-based education sometimes may raise questions about why it is important? To conclude that value-based education is important it’s a philosophy of education it’s a way of looking at children’s development so that they are taught holistically. Inspiring both adults and children to work hard and well at a values approach to education.
Now you may ask what is a Value? A value is a principle that guides behavior and people throughout the world feel that human beings really need to consider how they react to other people and how they live their lives. A value-based education enables children to think about these universal positive human values such a respect, tolerance, peace, care and these values you will see today being taught and being learned about and being experienced by the children. The children in their lessons learn about the values, these lessons are not always just about the values it may be a mathematics lesson, or it may be a geography lesson, but the values are drawn out during the lessons.
The benefits of value-based education are the children develop a secure sense of self. The students become more empowered to take responsibility for their learning. Reacher shown that children develop academic diligence when involved in a value-based education system. Relation and trust is also something that is really important to develop, and industry wants children who are able to articulate and able to talk freely and well, a value-based education take care of such issues. Another important ingredient which you will see today is silence, quietness, silence sitting and reflection. Many believe that schools in 21st century need to develop the quality of reflection, so the children can really deeply understand their work and their lives
It is important for us to understand how values are taught? The teachers in the school encourage reflection during and after play times for example after playing for just a minute the teacher talks through relaxation techniques when the students calm down. While soothing music plays in the background to settle the student down. This motivates and calm them down for further work as they are relaxed, they have cleared their mind from playtime and all any issue that have cropped up there and they are ready to concentrate in learning. Kids are continuously making decision such as what school to choose, should I try alcohol/drug or not, what types of friends to choose out of peer pressure, they would also be exposed to different activities which later they have to choose if they want to master it or not. Some significant question are also deal by the students such as what type of person I will become also this tough question in life are taken by students without any help and this leads them to the path they will be on the future.
The question face here is how the kids will take such tough calls without any help? The answer is Students view of the world, drives the decision they make. The way students get exposed to the world is framed on what their life experience has been, and it is directly proportional to character which is the set of values they apply before making any decision. This phenomenon is also known as student’s paradigm. Let us understand this with an example Someone who have all the resource of the world along with all the opportunity, but their life is not so good. Like think of the Hollywood movie stars who fits this description right (example Charlie Sheen). Sometimes for some life comes in silver platter but still they find themselves dealing with the problem of drugs or other abuse. But at the same time someone coming from humble beginning, someone who didn’t have all the opportunity, yet they turn their life into something meaningful or successful or productive. Resources and values go hand in hand
Again, the worldview matters as our worldview, not resource determine what we will accomplish out of this resource. To influence the child paradigm, one should change the way the children perceive of the world. Kids should be taught about positive values to help them understand a positive worldview. It gives them a moral compass they can use to weigh right and wrong and gives them a framework for decision making tough decisions they will face throughout their life. The belief system of the kid can lead him to or away from the success he deserves. Belief comes from several sources, it comes from parents and teachers it’s both the behavior that you model, it is also the expectation that you have clearly set and the rules you have taught them.
If the parents and the teacher belief in something strongly and if that is not properly channeled or communicated to the children, then it will never become the child belief system. Establishing values such as things that kid have learned religiously or morally in the school, social convention or any other place will have a stronger influence in them. For example, if the student is familiar with the notion that it’s inappropriate to swear in public even though more and more of the value seem disintegrating (as there is profanity everywhere). It will help the student to feel morally obligated to not take similar way out of the values the student has learned.
A wise man asked his friend “If you are gone tomorrow what values and skills would you want your kids to possess, so that could face the life of their own”? Every man should possess some skill and values which comes from.

  1. Parents identified key values
  2. Pulled from life experience
  3. Tied to a critical decision
  4. Kids make critical decision too
Value-based education is a strong driving force in the current educational sector, not just in India but everywhere around the globe! This is the type of education completely focuses on the value that an educator adds to a student and produces remarkable results for the students. Value-based education aims to create a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and develops students’ social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. Outside influence such as television, movies or even social networking sites, friends as well as advertising a child is subject to both bad and good influence if monitored properly.
The value-based learning is an important aspect of a person’s life because it shapes their overall behavior regarding the future they live in. Hence, value-based education is a huge aspect in someone’s social life, they bring in the long-term academic attainment through knowledge acquisition and teach students the importance of honesty with other individuals and about being humble in all situations. Also, they prepare them the handling techniques & challenges in a strong manner to become contributing members of the society. The education system is not only designed for clearing your exams but also for developing smart and intelligent people who are able to handle their real-life situations wisely at any given time. The concept of Gamification is a critical contributor to value-based education. In addition, the concept of shared learning helps students focus and engage more in learning new concepts; it supports to develop social relationships based on learning, trust, and growth. This is how PiRuby shines some light on shared learning
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One interesting method of creating attention in students is via the shared learning. Students find it very interactive when they can share videos, study materials, and other such fun learning supplements. By doing this there is a combined learning environment that further promotes mind mapping which enhances the overall learning experience. For example – Students find it very interesting to be sharing videos and learning new concepts, they also can challenge their friends to quizzes and other such mental exercises and finally they are able to create mind maps wherein they store the learned information in their mind for a long run.
However, value-based education is an important aspect in shaping individual’s behavior so that they can display good morals; also, this helps build a good relationship between the tutor and the learner.
And here is how PiRuby helps inculcate the value-based learning in students and other learners –

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