What are the trends on online tutoring and how PiRuby helps them?

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Online tutoring has drawn great attention with its convenience and effectiveness over both parents and tutors.This year in specific will witness many innovative learning trends. However the primary role will be to improve the user experience in online tutoring. The enhanced versions of learning would continue to possess a far-reaching effect on schooling across the country.

There is indeed a huge potential for advancements in terms of software that will directly improve the learning platforms and user experiences. Lately, there has been a dynamic progression towards the future of learning solutions and here are a few milestones that we have attained over time and consistency:

The Addition of Video Learning

PiRuby is one of the biggest cloud based contextual learning provider that makes available all online video learning content, and it also updates with the new ones at regular intervals. Video contenthas great impact on the learners and most of the social media platforms have adhered to this trend with increased quantity. The whole concept of video based learning is to trigger the action points in the viewer’s mind that leads to creating a mind map that helps better understand concepts and topics. Video content is highly effective and PiRuby makes integrating video content in online learning courses happen easily.

Mobile Based Learning

There has been a considerable spike in the graph of Mobile-based learning in the recent times. With the amount of smart phones users, it is easier to share and access content on the go. The mobile phone technologies have easily taken over what only the computers could offer in the past. As the mobile phones are comparatively portable to carry than your laptop or desktop, the concepts of anytime and anywhere learning has stolen the show in terms of accessibility of information. Students and Millennials have begun to opt for mobile learning, PiRuby taking advantage of the growth and advancements in learning industry have played perfect with their application. This application from PiRuby serves the purpose right with mobile-based learning along with the support of intuitive apps.

Game-based learning

Gamification in learning is highly engaging and is becoming super popular in recent years;many companies and institutions have agreed upon this technological transformation of learning setup and have implemented it in serious educational purposes as well. Games not only improve the quality of learning, but they also draw adequate attention and engagement of the user. This altogether is helpful in developing an interactive learning culture for students.

Cloud-based learning

Lately, everything about digital is going cloud. It is a major reason why many learning management systems (LMS) and tutoring tools are switching to cloud-based platforms. PiRuby being a Cloud-based online learning application with an offline option,offers improved flexibility to the user; in addition, PiRuby introduces the learners and students to a large collection of videos and study materials.

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