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Augmented reality is the fine integration of digital data along with the individual’s environment in real time. When compared to virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality is something that uses the existing environment to overlay new information upon it.

Augmented virtual reality holds high potential as it brings many elements of the virtual world, into the reality. It enhances the things we see, we hear, and we feel. With the existing reality technologies known to us, the future of augmented reality lies closely by the mixed reality spectrum, in other words between the real world and the virtual world.

Explains Abstract and Complex Concepts

Sometimes we need more than the books and classroom learning to understand specific concepts and subjects. gradually augmented reality in education is taking a firm stand. Students find it as an easy medium to learn difficult concepts, for instance, students can experience and learn science experiments and projects in the version of augmented reality. This registers much easily in their memory and stays for a longer time.

Involving & Interacting

Combined studies and group studies are not as vicious and mischievous as we thought in the early days. With technology leading the education industry, augmented learning brings students closer in terms of ideas and thoughts and helps them learn and explore topics in depth. PiRuby being a pioneer in the Edutech segment, brings in a great flavor of interaction and involvement among learners.

Discover & Learn

Why learn only what is taught, given the opportunity to explore? Experience the best personalized learning experience with PiRuby where every individual learner can discover newer concepts and learn in the easiest method preferred. Augmented Reality being the talk of the industry for the moment is a highly relevant concept here, for example, students can surf for specific topics and theories among different study materials while finding it all in an easy to learn format in their smart phone screen.

Interactive Books

Lately, with Augmented Learning being equally divided among the vast educational sector, textbooks are slowly being teleported into smartphone devices. For example, students can now search for any topics or subjects they wish to learn from their PiRuby application and they can find relevant and similar topics in the form of animation, videos, quizzes and as many other engaging formats to learn from.

Stay tuned to for more interesting articles. Watch the transformation of traditional learning into the augmented reality to build a better future for the education industry.

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