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The future of the educational industry is changing drastically with new developments especially in technology. Few educators and experts anticipate that usage of technology could prove to be a major distraction to students. However, using EdTech tools and apps could overshadow the human interaction that is traditional to the schooling system, could prove to be dangerous but otherwise, technology in education system is a win-win situation for all. The perfectly integrated technologywith specific guidelines is advantageous to students in better understanding concepts and subject matter.

Some students need extra study supplements apart from classroom teaching, a personalized learning, it will help them learn in their own pace and deeply understand subjects and topics from their text books or curriculums. In the below points we have uncovered how PiRuby becomes the best educational app that will resolve all major concerns students and parents face academically –

For Students

Instantaneous Discovery of Educational Content

It is difficult to surf your textbook for all important concepts and theories, it is time consuming and also tedious. Wouldn’t it be good if you had a search portal to find all important information at your fingertip? You can now Experience Instantaneous Discovery of Educational Content exclusively on PiRuby.

Multi-Sensory personalized Learning

Multisensory learning is a great way of relating information received in regards with other senses in our body in a collaborative way. With PiRuby, multisensory learning is not limited to reading and listening. With our application we try to use all of the senses. We recreate unique learning experiences that make a student understand concepts in a very easy and a memorable way.

Concept-based Learning

It not only about learning or memorizing topics and concepts, an individual needs to understand the depth of each subject matter, with PiRuby’s concept based learning, students can find many examples and instances that will connect them with the topics and help them learn better. Each concept taught under PiRuby’s application is converted to its simplest form for the students to easily understand.

Emphasis on practical application

Having read about science experiments and math theories don’t stick for a long time in your mind, and we completely understand the reason behind it. At the vantage point, we are supposed to discover the reason behind many concepts that we learned during our academic journey, but how well do we remember them? PiRuby helps us sustain these concepts on the long run, helping us understand the real purpose behind whatever we have learnt earlier. Don’t just study, begin to learn with us.

For Parents, Teachers & Tutors

Increased user engagement for students

The primary problem all parents face is the lack of concentration by their ward. Most parents hear the same excuses made by their children as textbooks and other study materials are not sufficient to keep them engaged to the learning process. Most of all as technology has taken a strong stand in the market; more children prefer to stay busy with their gadgets. Taking the situation in consideration, PiRuby has the perfectly tailored application that is highly engaging to students carrying all necessary information.

Significant reduction in assistance provided

Parents now need not think about spending a lot of time helping their children with homework or revision asPiRuby has embedded quiz and different competitive study materials in its application which will assist and enhance a student’s learning in many ways.

Deeper insights into student’s interests and inclination

By closely monitoring their interests and strengths, PiRuby can understand a student’s inclination and interest towards specific topics. This will help the student prepare better in the topics which he lacks much knowledge. Also, here the parents need not worry about their children missing out on important subjects’ matters that will fetch them more marks in the exam.

Presentation of online multimedia content

PiRuby has a very unique user interface, it can display an ocean of information to the student in a very sensible and easy to understand medium. All the online multimedia content in PiRuby can be revisited and also be shared among the group of students for shared learning. Having a great user interface and user experience, PiRuby stands as the best Augmented Reality backed learning application that is a perfect study bot for your children.

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