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PiRuby is a first of it’s kind educational tool that helps retrieve relevant educational content from disparate sources contextualized at the point of learning using Augmented Reality.

Although, books have been a great source of information and entertainment for a long time, it is slowly taking shelter in the book shelves for longer periods with emerging technologies being very dominant.The advent of digitization in all fields, have taken a toll on physical books, especially textbooks and relevant journals for education and research purposes. Parents are finding smarter ways of keeping their kids engaged to study.

Our patented technology allows contextual quiz and shared gamification to further immerse and enhance students to enjoy their learning process.

Though this scenario seems to take books out of fashion, there is a fair way how books are still used by many students and teaching faculties. But here are some problems and grip that the physical books lack –

  1. Children find it less engaging and less effective. The concepts that the textbooks explain is, at times, not understood just by looking at pictures or texts. A lot of topics and subject matters need to be visualized and explained in a simpler way to understand better. This is successfully done with the assistance from technology; the best in this business is PiRuby.
  2. Maintenance of books and relevant study material is a tedious process. Kids tend to misplace important study materials especially during the exam times due to pressure of performance and results. Having a smartly built application like PiRuby, the whole reading and maintaining of study records can be called a ‘cake walk’.
  3. When you have insufficient information or data, how do you manage to get the other study materials, where can you search, or how reliable is your source? Don’t worry,PiRuby’spatented algorithm helps tailor the content base, all study materials are easily available in the simplest form for students to surf and study at anyplace and anytime.
  4. How good can it be if you are only studying topics from the text books and are not experimenting or learning anything new in other relevant areas? PiRuby aids this situation by making any topic and any subject matter available at your fingertips. You can search, learn and share any concepts from our app with your friends. This makes combined learning and creates a whole new level of engagement in students.
  5. You have only been studying and you have no clue if you are prepared enough? Test it on our ground, you can take up quizzes and solve problems and also be assessed to improve results and learn better. According to a survey, parents find PiRuby very helpful in monitoring their children’s study pattern. This helps them discover the strengths of their ward and also their weaknesses; on the whole, there is a large scope for improvisation.

Alright, now are you ready to experience what has been said. Prepare to explore, learn and recreate the experience of reading textbooks. We are here to give you the country’s best Augmented Reality experience by bringing your textbooks to life. Stay tuned to www.piruby.com for the first ever beta version of our study bot. Coming soon…

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