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Bored sitting within the four walls in your office all day from 9-5 or even longer? A lot of Millennials and other working class individuals feel they need a break from the regular day job and are looking for more career options that they are passionate about. Here, we bring you some interesting career options that are trending and are looking to cover a larger audience –

Dance Therapists

Dance itself is a popular therapy;many experts recommend dance to have helped people stay energized and happy. The psychotherapeutic use of dance is to support intellectual and emotional functionalities of the body. Dance is a great medium to deal with stress and anxiety better. If you have a niche for dance, then get set and teach your peeps a moment or two. Via dance, the dance teachers take away stress from physical-emotional-intellectual level. It is a great career option if you stay updated with the current trend.

You could watch some popular movies like ABCD from Bollywood for more inspiration.

Oceanography and Marine Study

Isn’t it amazing to take a dip in the blue ocean? Also aren’t you curious to know what lies beneath this beautiful wilderness? There is an opportunity where you can explore the oceans and marine and also make money out of this. Oceanographers and marine researchers do this for a living. This career covers lots of ground with regards to marine life, its ecosystems, ocean circulation, the tectonics plate and the complete geology of the sea floor. Go sign up and take a swim with the dolphins and discover the vast beauty of the oceans.

Pet Groomers

We all are very busy and occupied in our daily routine, sometimes it’s our little pooch that helps us relax and loosen up that stress. But the question is do we have sufficient time to keep our pets groomed? I believe no! But won’t it be great if we have someone to groom our pets regularly and take good care of them once in a while. Flash news – This is a new career option that has taken the youngsters by surprise. Many of them have taken this into consideration and have started small clinics and pet retreats to solve the grooming problems that the pet owners face. All this requires is good understanding of the animals and everything about the health and habits.

Wine Tasters

Okay, when was the last time you had the most delicious wine? Not very long we guess! Every one of us loves to sip on some wine and gaze the stars once in a while. But how does one determine the quality of wine? The job of wine professional or a sommelier is to understand the different types of wine and help others make the perfect choice along with specific foods. They also help choose different wines for various restaurants that would suit their menu. Wine tasters also write articles on wines for magazines and social websites.

You Tuber’s

You got skills? Go flaunt it? There is no better platform than YouTube to showcase your talent. In a digitally-savvy generation, many individuals have adapted to video blogging on You Tube, this could be a small hobby that has turned into a huge money making career option. All you need is a screen and a jaw dropping idea. If you make it big, then there are possibilities that you could join great showbiz celebrities with a huge following. You could sell targeted materials and offer paid promotions to your audience.

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