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Is it the pounding heartbeat, nervousness, numb hands and dry mouth when you know you have the mathematics exam scheduled for the next week? We understand you just would wish to delete this subject from your life. Mathematics is a very challenging subject that will effortlessly steal your sleep and peace. But on a serious note, mathematics is one of the most interesting subjects if you pay necessary attention and commitment.

Well, so before you go clueless about what to do next if maths has become a nightmare, here are some careers options that can save your career if you dislike mathematics –


Designing is more of visualizing your own creativity and producing it in a real form that your audiences would be astonished at. It can be the combination of perfect colors, correct fabrics, and adequate knowledge of the trending fashion. If you don’t possess high levels of skills in this then things could go wrong. Design is a field that showcases and represents the most happening and enriching industry. There are also designers who design and illustrate dynamic and static images for TV shows, movies, commercials, websites and even computer games. As a designer, you don’t need to be good at mathematics or numbers; all you need to do is create designs using your creativity and imaginations, keeping in mind the requirements of your client.

Museology (museum studies)

If you have a thing for antiques, then this is a great career option. It is the understanding of history and their role in the society. You get to learn more about managing the museums and its collections. This course is fairly connected to Archaeology and you need not be an expert with numbers, good of history and culture will be of great mileage. So think about it, how interesting it would be to discover the rarest of facts about our country, right?

Mass Media and Communication

Media and communication is termed to be a broad domain inclusive of vivid opportunities as event managers, wedding planners, RJ/VJ, concept editing, Public Relations and journalism. There are many courses out there that teach you the many of the tactics used and necessary to becoming successful in any of these fields. From crash courses to short-term workshops, there is always an opportunity to explore when you have a creative mind. If entertaining and engaging with others is what interests you, there this might be the perfect course to set you on the right path.

Blogging/ Bloggers

Can you describe how beautiful the sunshine is or how much of a chaos the storm is? If there lays power in your words, then blogging can be the right platform to express the same. People are looking for experiences, a very different type of experiences, something that can be felt by reading one of the masterpieces that you write. All you have to do is, explore, understand, feel and express the same to your audiences. Your creativity is best backed up if you select a particular specialization and write accordingly.

Psychologists and counselors

We know, there are millions of people out there who are striving to express themselves, relieve themselves and lessen the stress by communicating with someone who can understand them the best. If you choose to be a psychologist or a counselor, then you are certainly entitled to helping many confused individuals. There is power in words, they heal and they wreck. If you are willing to help people and fix their lives, then this is the profession that you need to focus on. There are different fields of psychology ranging from Health psychology, criminal psychology, social psychology, organizational behavior and even sports psychology. Pick your game and be the best.

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