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Being a kid has many perks, the best was you could do whatever you wished to and become whatever you wanted to when you grow older. It could be becoming a scientist, engineer, singer, dancer, a ninja chef, or even a batman…you were free to imagine, dream and explore. Well, so what did you want to do when you grew up?

However, there are many influencing incidents that put these different yet powerful goals in the minds of young kids. Parents, TV icons, cartoons and even the environment, all these play a vital role in the initial stages of setting up a dream in children. Typically children choose their dreams based on the excitement, the attention, or the opportunity to help other people. But however, children understand what is important and how to chase their actual evolved dreams once they reach maturity. They also get to realize that all jobs are based on the education, experience, and level of commitment.

So here are some weirdest dreams we collected from sources, from kids all around the globe –

  • To become a scientist and fly to space – no clue what to do after that
  • To become a doctor and cut people – sounds scary right?
  • To be a mailbox – yes! A mailbox – maybe this kid loved letters
  • To have a big house, a girlfriend and a fast car – I still crave on this one though!
  • To grow up and become a man who sits at home and do nothing – current situation for many educated individuals (absolutely no offense meant)
  • To grow older and have a long beard like daddy
  • To be a customer, go to the store, buy broccoli, tomatoes and carrots and make soup
  • To breed dragons
  • To have a wife and kids
  • To have a huge doggy and name him Torres
  • And then a kid said “I want to grow up and be like a potato”. Yes a potato!
  • To grow up and become Spiderman, batman or any cartoon characters they adored.

So this is how kids were so clueless to what they wanted to be. But I’m pretty sure these hallucinations would change with time and every kid grows into a beautiful individual excelling in their respective careers. If you could find that little diary you used to write when in school, you would just burst out laughing while you read it.

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