How parents influenced in building our career dreams?

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As children we might have dreamt about many things, that special birthday gift, the summer vacation or maybe even your favorite apple pie. But as we grow old, priorities change and our desires take a more serious shape. Let us discuss today some important factors that influenced or still is influencing your desires, goals, careers, ambition or we could call them even DREAMS –


It is very important that as kids, those young geniuses receive adequate motivation and guidance from their parents and relatives. When in the kindergarten and primary, going to school and learning basics was the priority and the main guidance provided. But as time passes, the guidance we get starts to sound like instructions that shape our future.

For instance – Parents these days are very connected to their children and they treat them like friends. Now when you wish to guide your kid, you could probably give them some live examples of how the parents work life is and how life changes as they grow and how responsibilities pile up.


As a kid, we might have had wild desires or dreams, like becoming an astronaut or doctor or even a pilot. Do you know the reason behind these? Well, it is simple; you would observe the world around you the stars in the night sky, planes flying in the blue sky and your frequent visits to the hospital.

For instance – Children do not understand the difference between a vision and a mission, parents and teachers need to focus on their interests and see how it grows on them as future goals. If a kid wants to become a pilot, the parents need to provide enough support and motivation to keep that ambition driving all through his life and give them some valid examples that they will look upto for inspiration, example Kalpana Chawla, AJP Abdul Kalam sir and many such highly inspiring personalities.

Information and Data easily available

Remember running to the book stores and libraries in the earlier days to gather adequate study materials and information? Of course you would! The major problem kids faced in the early 70’s/80’s or even before was the lack of adequate information and data. This proved to be a major setback labeling them as less exposed to the outside world and eventually created fewer opportunities to learn.

But if you are still reading this, you would definitely know how time has evolved technology and the digital space to make data and information so easily available for everyone.

For instance – it is easier for parents and educators to guide and counsel students towards achieving their goals. Technology and Internet have contributed much towards the development of education sectors and this ultimately serves the students best. PiRuby being a medium, students can learn new concepts and explore subjects with the help of technology and internet. Doing this the right way under proper guidance, they certainly will build a stronger career.

Availability of different Streams & Courses

Education has been an age long affair in the history of the world. Right from when the schooling systems started until today’s online learning space, the whole of education is about competition and of being at the first rank. Children those days had limited educational streams and courses and also limited advancements in the school systems. This majorly contributed towards making the education system monotonous.

For instance – many parents are supporting and encouraging their children to take up different and challenging career options. There are many new courses available today, surprisingly there are even courses that can be learnt from online platforms.Example, there are courses and subjects in Artificial intelligence, visual learning systems and bio technology etc. that students can learn as regular university courses.

The bottom line, give your kids the best education possible, let them dream…for it is not something one can contain! Include PiRuby in your children’s daily learning regime to help them naturally discover their interests.

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