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Geology is a very interesting subject which consists of a wide range of topics. This branch of science deals with the study of the planet, the environment, its history, minerals and more. Geology has many sub branches, like structural geology, the planetology, study of minerals, geology engineering, geomorphology etc. An individual who studies the composition of earth is known as a geologist. Basically, the Geologists are scientists who explore the earth’s crust to understand and obtain accurate picture of its history, structure and composition. Mostly, Geologists play an important role in learning the mineral wealth and other natural resources relevant.

This is a subject that allows a candidate or a potential employee to travel a lot and visit very interesting places. This however is like a dream job for many aspiring students.

Lately, the career opportunity in Geology is picking up pace and popularity. Apart from Oil and Mining companies, other areas like Climate science and modeling, Oceanography, Marine Geochemistry, remote sensing and GIS and other similar trending subjects also do provide great opportunities after your post-graduation. On the whole, each of these subject matters has a broad scope.

The positive thing is that the research sector is doing really well. Lately the numbers of PhDs have increased. Only if our country considers the importance of breeding in house Geologists and retains the resources within India, there will be a great future for Geology in India and we will grow to set better examples for developed countries.

There are many such interesting courses that are making its way through the youngsters. Most of all they are individuals who follow their dreams more than instructions.

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