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How is the life outside school? Well, is the college life treating you well? These two questions could be sounding same, but when you have someone asking you this question…the emotion for both these questions are completely different.

Right from your childhood to adulthood, the education system plays a really important role in shaping your career, but most of it lies in your complete commitment and involvement. Mostly in school, the decisions are made by your parents and teachers as what is best for you, but as you progress to the college life, you are free on your decisions and responsibilities on who you want to become.

Well, if all this sounds pretty great, that’s because it actually is, moving from a strict school life to a carefree college life…isn’t it already a million dreams?
We will help you understand more precisely, and offer some tips –
• At High School you probably would know everyone in your class but in college, you will be lucky enough to know that one person in your class (if you know what we mean).
• The costs for your books and stationary are comparatively more in high school or school than the college (most of us carried only one notebook and a pen to college, so yeah…not expensive at all). However, some college books would cost a small fortune!
• We know it’s always the weekends with parents when in High School where you crave the summer holidays, but at college, it’s not a problem at all. In the college life, you could live with your friends in the hostel and do all the mischief you wanted to when at school.
• This one is so certain, at school you wake up early for the class but in college you wake up for your first class or maybe whenever you wish to.
• When at School your time and schedule were completely dictated by parents or teachers but in College, you are the owner of your time and resources.
• This one got to be great. At High School you would notice teachers referring from the text books others wrote but in the College level, the professors refer the textbooks they wrote.
• At school, you used to study at home or in class, but when in College, the library becomes your new address.
• Internet while was a great study guide at school, it becomes your most-essential information source for your project work and course study.
• Well, all that you cared about in High School was what ‘looked good’ but when in College, the whole focus changes to what other people think.
• In High School you are stuck in a social ‘role’ which others have placed you in but College life gives you the freedom to be yourself.
• Last but not the least, attendance was mandatory in High School, but when in College attendance is highly recommended.

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