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Everyone has their own vivid opinion about the different education systems, be it overseas or from your own country. But the debatably topic here is, how is the education system different from the Indian education system and where do we lack? There are a lot of important statements and points highlighted in this articles that might help you understand the brighter side of education. If you are a parent, you definitely need to consider these points and start discovering the points of improvement. However, we clearly state that no system is good or bad, it’s just a mere opinion from our experts at PiRuby –

Education system in the United States

Education system in the US can be labeled as advanced and unique compared to the other countries. The patterns followed by the Americans are divided into three levels, namely the elementary school, the middle school and the high school.

At every level the children are segregated as per their age group and are clubbed into grades. In other words, a kid starts with the elementary school and eventually reaches up to the 12th grade, which is also the final year of high school. After the high schooling, the students can opt for post-secondary education, i.e. the college. The Americans understood the learning patterns more precisely and often stressed on practical learning, reading and writing, mathematics and in understanding core concepts and documentation.

Students also have the liberty to enroll in additional activities like sports, technical education/learning, to study arts, to learn foreign languages and more. These subjects are given equal importance as the ones in their existing curriculum. However, the overall education system in the US is about –

– Preparing children to understand new concepts and explore different subjects

– Learning the concept both theoretically and practically.

– About not stressing the kids during exams.

– Academic competitiveness.

– Learning in small volumes but efficiently.

– Supporting both academic and sports education.


Education pattern in India

We understand the above system amazes you, but even the Indian system manages to fascinate us undoubtedly. India is a country where development and innovation has no bars, with its constant run towards better future along with its historical background of knowledge…it is simply the best!

Currently the education system in India is classified into nursery, primary, secondary and senior secondary education and then the graduation and post-graduation level. There are a few additionally extra-curricular activities that which kids can opt for and they are not mandatory. Lately, sports are becoming an essential part of the curriculum as well. Though the curriculum has evolved with every passing day, but still the parents’ primary focus lies on academic accomplishments. On the whole, the education system in India is all about –

– Preparing your children to read and absorb

– More about memorizing with study materials than practicing.

– Has produced best brains in math and science.

– Academic excellence over sports achievements.

However, with consistency and development, India is transforming into a better country and taking a greater stance on education with a literacy rate of 74% (according to sources). We have also seen much new advancement like learning apps and smart learning solutions that is helping our country learn and excel in various subject matters. Begin your smart learning with

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