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If you’re just out of class 10 and are all excited about college, well, that’s understandable. But it is also an important time to make that important decision between choosing the stream of science, commerce or arts.

This decision is a major one, the one that will have a greater impact on your future, so make sure you do a complete research based on your skills and interests. Consult and consider what the professionals and elders have to say. If commerce is on the cards, here are some serious considerations you need to keep in mind about the subject and its career options –

Here, take a glance at the subjects offered under the Commerce stream

Business economics: Under this subject, you would be covering concepts like the laws of supply and demand, returns, elasticity, the theory of pricing under different market forms and much more.

Financial accounting: Financial accounting is all aboutthe preparation of profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, ledgers and final accounts of a firm. On the whole, it gives you the knowledge of domestic and international accounting procedures and about how the calculation of depreciation and valuation of shares are done.

Cost accounting: This subject process teaches the principles of job and contract costing, overheads, costing of overheads and budgetary control and more.

Income tax: Income tax encompasses the nature and basis of charge of the income tax, the tax planning for individuals and firms, reasons of tax deduction, about the incomes not taxable etc.

Business law: Business law focuses on the different laws and regulations in the country relating to the Companies Act and Consumer Protection Act.

Marketing: Marketing would basically deal with products, the production, pricing strategies, promotion methods, the channels of distribution etc.

Apart from the above mentioned, the field of commerce is constantly evolving and introducing newer concepts to aid the rising competition in the world. No matter what subject and what stream you take, when it comes to the learning process, PiRuby offers the best personalized learning experience with its app. It is a great way to extend your learning even after regular classroom lectures.

Careers options in commerce

There are many different career choices that open up for students once they choose commerce. The most popular choices are MBA, Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Apart from the careers mentioned, any student taking up commerce can also opt for streams like marketing, advertising, banking sector and business consulting based on individual interests. Get more content support at www.piruby.com

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