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Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work – Albert Einstein

The students these days need more than just hard work, they need to work smart. If you take time and look deep into their learning habits, they learn at different places…school, tutors, at home or sometimes even with friends.

So let us highlight a few important times where the student finds it difficult to learn:

After school learning

After a tired day at school, students come home and just crash the couch. But the day can’t end with the remaining homework and project works pending to be completed. This is where the parents need to play an important role, help their kids to plan out the assignments and project work.

They need to work alongside their children and teach them new and smart methods of how to get through it. It is important that parents maintain a time table or study schedule for their children that they can follow after school. This will give them enough time to play and socialize as well as study and complete academic goals.

Lack of study material

With the increasing number of publications and the growing number of subject matter experts, it really gets difficult to understand on how to choose the right study material.

Different subjects have different requirements and different authors. Lately, with the e-learning apps picking pace, students can even look up to them for good content. PiRuby not only holds a large database of different subjects and topics for the students but also makes the search instantaneous and effortless.


How to analyze the learning progression

Students are confident, determined and are also focused on academics, but the question, are they focused on the right things? If yes, how do we measure it?

Many students think studying overnight will give those results, but the ugly truth is they mostly don’t! The parents need to give their kids the right direction towards learning. At school there is learning, at tuitions there is learning but after coming home, the kids need more of an interactive session that benefits learning as well as it is fun. Giving the kids some puzzles and quizzes to solve would be a great way to analyze their learning skills and also keep them stay focused.

When kids take up such small tests and challenges, they feel confident of doing better in the future.

Unable to access proper information on the internet

Internet, is it good or bad? That’s a very tricky question to answer, unless a student knows what he is looking for in the internet, it can always be dangerous. Here is where we will require much of parental advisory; they need to monitor what their children are watching and learning from.

PiRuby is one such amazing product that is free of contextual problems. It is a student friendly app that is very much informative and safe.

The overall teaching process ends up being “one directional”

If we look deep into this title, there is certainly a difference between studying and learning what we study. Students need more than just a textbook definition of some topics, they need to look, analyze and understand certain subject matters. Especially when it comes to science, students need to understand the practical part of certain questions and would require watching some experiments.

This will register the content much better in the minds of a student. PiRuby offers you many such interesting real-life experiments under its hood where a student can surf and find more than what textbooks can offer.

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