The learning at a tutorial and its challenges.

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We have witnessed quite a lot of changes in the education industry from a long time, we saw it starting from Gurukuls and now hosted even online on your computer screens. Along with lots of comforts, the education industry also faces enough criticism for losing its originality. But all for the good, todays education standards are enough competent to mould successful individuals.

Not completely convinced with the school learning, students these days take up lots of online classes and also attend tutorials that are similar to classroom learning. Tutors state that each student comes to tutoring sessions with prior knowledge and skill sets of their own. But it’s up to the tutor to find out what are the capabilities of the student and understand what skills are required to be developed to achieve the academic goals. But, there are problems –

Student is not motivated

Studying too much can be of unnecessary pressure for students and a possible drag. But it’s important that they are kept motivated by parents and the tutor. They need to keep the learning towards acquiring knowledge and engaging. However, at some point it is difficult to keep the student engaged to the routine learning sessions, in that case it is important to introduce them to new and attractive methods and rewards systems. Tutors should take the time to understand the strengths, supplement instruction with adequate practical knowledge and motivate the student in suitable career inclinations.

Students won’t do their work

When students don’t put much effort, they lack the mental drive to create new learning and understanding patterns. Tutors will have to build on prior knowledge, proficiency and individualized learning as per the requirements of each student. Sometimes this is the theory that goes wrong. Here is why PiRuby can be of great help the Tutors and inspire students to work harder towards achieving academic goals.

The struggle with newer concepts

As we progress into the future of educational sector, the concepts and subjects are getting complicated testing the mettle of every student. This indicates that when teaching a new idea, students require more time to practice and understand the concept before it can be used as a foundation for future learning.PiRuby combines many ideas to bring in the joy of learning among students; PiRuby hasconcept animations, quizzes and mind-mapsthat are fun and are a better way for students to practice difficult subjects and much and more.

Student gets anxious

Many tutoring challenges begin from stress and anxiety issue in a student. The students or theparents have witnessed a lack of high motivational learning structure in a traditional classroom setting. The primary reason parents go to a tutor for help is because of failure, not success. With the personalized learning while using PiRuby students feel less anxious and are more comfortable to explore different concepts in their own comfort zone, without having the fear of being watched.

Parents apply too much pressure

It is common that parents today expect a lot more than what their ward can probably achieve. This could be demanding and at the same time a lot of pressure on the student. This happens because the parents themselves are terrified with the increasing competition in different industries. PiRuby is a great medium that will take the pressure off the students and the stress off the parents. Sending their children to the tutors alone won’t solve the problem, monitoring them closely while using PiRuby is also a great way to obtain results as well as not apply pressure on the students.

PiRuby is your ultimate learning guide,

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