What are the difficulties teachers face for the lesson planning?

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As we all know, it’s not that easy to blend with the school life in the initial days no matter how much you try to keep in control, there will be chaos! You will see anxious students, some out of focus, pending paper works and a lot of planning to find your normal rhythm. All this fall under the teachers’ attributions and have to be organized from the scratch.

Right from the time management, up to finding educational resources and enabling proper functional communication channels…all of these problems fairly affect educators. The leap that education took towards technology became handy in such situations. That’s why finding a proper educational toolkit to sail through these problems are important and this alone can save you a lot of time and effort –

Problems teachers face in the name of TIME

This definitely had to be the primary problem to any teacher, having a class full of students all with different mindset and characteristics. They fail to segregate time to each individual and hence lose focus on the needy ones. This creates an imbalance for the classroom learning. Some students need more than just a classroom lecture, they will need individual attention to help them learn concepts deeper or clearly, which is too much to ask for with one teacher managing roughly 60 plus students on an average.

Finding appropriate RESOURCES

Are the study materials and guides enough for the students, do the educators also feel it is sufficient? That’s an important point to focus on. Maybe we can say the content in the textbooks and other study materials are serving the purpose, but it takes more than just text books for a student to understand certain subject matters. PiRuby has a perfect supplement to aid this situation, with its visually attractive user interface; students connect better to the vast content available in PiRuby’s database and are able to learn much faster.

Understanding the STUDENTS

Every student is different from the other, all their learning patterns are different and so are their learning speeds. It gets really difficult for a teacher to understand each student in the class and work according to their pace. This seems practically impossible with the given class timings. PiRuby and its learning structure are perfectly tailored to suit every student. Students can learn from PiRuby after school in their own comfort zone.

ADAPTING to class scenarios

In the given class time, it is difficult for the teachers to cover a lot of topics and portions. Most importantly if the teachers are not presenting the content in a very attractive and understanding manner to the student then there is no purpose of it at all. Sometimes the class gets very noisy and the students restless, in such situations learning at class become impossible. This is why PiRuby is focused on personalized learning for students. Those who can’t concentrate in class 100% can still come back home and refer to PiRuby to complete the remaining portions of any particular subject.

Adequate COMMUNICATION with parents

In India, there is a fair percentage of working parents. This leads to a major problem of time management and time spent with their children. Gone are those days when the parents used to help their children complete home works and projects, now the parents barely find time to have dinner together. In this case, the children definitely need help in understanding their subjects more transparently and the educators also need to communicate the same with the parents. PiRuby is the perfect solution in this case, where with its easy user interface; it can deliver most important subject matters to both parents and students in the simplest way possible.

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