Why is personalized learning important?

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Personalized learning is one of the greatest medium through which the pace of learning and its approach can be completely optimized according to the comforts of each learner. All the learning activities are tailored to provide meaningful and relevant information to learners. Best of all, the personalized learning is driven by the interests and often self-initiation of the student.

Now take a look at the potential power and benefits of personalizing learning –

  1. It enables individuals to learn at their own pace; it provides all learners the time needed to prove their might and helps them explore their career interest.
  2. If learning is optimized for each learner, and driven by their own interests, it can be more relevant and can lead to better engagement and achievement.
  3. Give the learners more choice, if you do so, then they tend to take more ownership of their learning experience and develop better academic mindsets, learning mindsets, and self-regulated behaviors that are important for meeting immediate goals as well as lifelong learning.
  4. Include technology in learning, this helps a learner to acquire immediate feedback through formative assessments, puzzles and also helps in better understanding results provided by teachers to learners in real time.
  5. It also allows students to explore practical applications, home and field experiments related to the concepts studied at their own pace.
  6. Using the right tools, personalized learning gaps that prove to be a barricade for learning can be identified quickly, allowing learners to pace beyond those gaps.
  7. Usage of technology helps teachers to tailor instruction to every student in specific and gives them enough time to provide targeted attention to learners who lack sufficient knowledge and those who are struggling to progress compared to their peers. Also, students can take help of personalized learning even after school.

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