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In the traditional setup, kids went to school with a clear focus and fewer distractions. But the young generation always found ways to distract themselves from academics, regardless of the era. In the modern times, technology has advanced to a point where it is accessible by all and is almost irresistible for a child to survive without it. Somehow we can make technology feel safe and useful to an extent but not when it turns outs to be a burden instead of a solution.

The Problem that arises with Technology

Experts and researchers state that technology is not inherently distracting, but in reality it depends on the way one uses it. Technology when used for the wrong purpose can be a hindrance to academic prosperity at school, at home and self-image. For instance, a mobile phone is essentially just a communication tool. It can be a great medium to ease the burden of family-to-teen communication. Many parents buy a cell phone to their teens just to keep updated about them. But, when teens begin to misuse cell phones for other purposes, that they almost certainly will, then technology can be a real distraction.

Playing too much games

Kids love entertainment and especially when it is interactive. Video games are a great stress buster in children and they are highly interactive. Though games can completely involve ones attention and engage them in the game play, video games are labeled as harmful addiction if hooked onto for more than an hour per day.

Looking up for wrong information

Technology and internet is a great teacher too, agreed! But are the kids looking up for the right information? If not, they are going to land into trouble. Internet provides a wide range of information and data that are sometimes not necessary for children and if they still insist on looking for such misguiding information online, it is a serious problem! Refrain your children for over usage of internet and when they do, make sure they are surfing the right direction.


The Identity

One major distraction that technology inculcates in the teens is the ability to redefine their identity through Internet. They attach particular importance to their identity, in both ways as in how they see themselves and how they see others. Generally, uniformity of identity is not a possible feeling; almost no one is perfectly satisfied with oneself.

Over a period of time, teens trying to experiment with their personas on cyberspace can result in serious distraction and worse.

Family Dynamics

It is completely agreeable that when technology used unproductively can bring about family problems. Studies prove that many modern teens react to family instability by using technology to cope. It is important to understand how teens cope with a problem in childhood actually sets them up for dealing with stress levels in adulthood.

For instance, instead of addressing a problem and look out for solutions the teens simply turn on their video games and slip into another comforting world. Such conflicts actually need to be rectified in the earlier teen years, or this could be a major nightmare to a parent. If a teen runs to technology for help whenever he/she feels uncomfortable, it is nothing but pure addiction; this is much more serious than any distraction.

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