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Studying for exams is definitely a pain unless you are extremely talented or simply have the memory to remember everything easily. It’s no surprise that most of us have an aversion towards exams and have tried to avoid it as much as possible.

For some of us it will be a trip down memory lane, while some of you might just sit back and laugh about how we evaded exams by giving the most ridiculous and hilarious excuses, so let’s get started then –

  • The late starters – some of us never look forward to start preparing for the exams unless it’s just a couple days away. It’s simply because the concept of exams is nothing less than a nightmare and is simply not exciting at all! Hence we are the late starters.
  • Sleepy heads – What can be more rejuvenating and comforting than a nice bed and a warm quilt. We simply don’t want to get out of it. Exams can stay where it is…we will manage it somehow! Most students due to their long study holidays become lazy and lose concentration in studying, resulting in oversleeping and unproductivity.
  • Hunger stroke – Isn’t it a legit reason! Of course we feel a little hungrier during exams. The more probable case here is that the demand for more food arises due to a phenomenon called ego-depletion or willpower deprivation. It’s a theory that explains that every time we force ourselves to do something undesirable, this depletes our reservoir of willpower. Surprisingly our willpower strength is correlated with levels of glucose availability in our body; hence it is reasonable for the body to demand more glucose when we are performing under stress or exam pressure.
  • Overconfidence – There are students who are confident of their preparations for the exams and then there are also students who are overconfident of the same. “That’s an easy question, I know it! Oh, that one, that’s simple too…wait 3rd question, you gotto be kidding me (laughs).” That’s how the overconfident student sounds! So beware.
  • Lack of study materials – It’s an easy excuse! Students complain about not having sufficient study materials especially during their exams. This is an easy way to evade the exam pressure for those who really don’t want to take it up seriously. For students who are dependent on study materials, its unavailability is a grave dead end!
  • Sorry! It’s my nap time –Unlike the sleepy heads, these students who crave for a nap time are just finding solutions to kill more time on the clock and skip their study time.
  • Gathering the essentials – Like study materials, there are other essentials required to appear for the exam. For example, stationaries, guides, text books and hall tickets. Be sure to be prepared ahead!
  • No strategy and No planning – Exams are a crucial time when a student is under intense pressure. Students need to make study plans and be positive. Parents need to show interest during this time and help them plan wise.
  • Early morning study plans –How many times have you planned to get up early and start studying? And how many times have you failed? I guess almost all the times. The whole point of forcing your body and mind out of its deep sleep and trying to study is just not happening! Find better alternatives.

These are probably only half of the excuses that students make to escape their exam stress. But it is absolutely fine to embrace them and give it your best shot. The magic lies in how you understand, interpret, improvise and execute.

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