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Do you believe that digital devices are plugging children into experiences that fuel their creativity and make them feel like there is world beyond their neighborhood?Well, generally childhood should include experiences like climbing trees, building sand castles, selling lemonade and daydreaming. But are these still quintessential experiences with today’s younger generation? Many of today’s youth are too glued to their small screens to partake in any of such activities.

But let’s consider these pros of the digital age as it reflects in the developing hands and minds of today’s young people –

Prosof Technology with Young Children

Smartphones Give Parents Some Piece of Mind

Is it easy to track your children at all times? Of course it is! Just give them a smart phone. It helps you can call or text them to confirm their whereabouts. Some smart phones also have the GPS tracking feature that can be activated to specify the exact location of the device.

School’s Must Include Computer in Their List

As a matter of fact, a computer has become necessary to complete many homework assignments. They help students research on any specific topic, and they lead them to the most current and accurate data online, assuming a student knows how to find them with critical thinking skills to assess the validity of the information. It also helps them create typed documents and projects over their academics course.

An Inspiring Online World to Discover

We are living in an Information Age which is a glorious gift to the curious child in many ways. You can learn how to knit,identify the different plants growing in your backyard, you can research about the family tree, visit the depths of the ocean or even the peak of the world’s tallest mountain all without leaving your clumsycouch! In fact, your wards fondness for the search drive may lead to real-life adventures eventually.

Socializing& Social Learning

This is an argument that could part ways, for instance, the ‘heads down’ nature of kids walking around concentrating on their cell phones has a rather unsocial aspect to it, but there is surely a strong element of socialization connected by many apps that young people use. Facebook and other social networking tools have thrown some light on the social lives of many students. Even the shy and reserved natured kids are also able to communicate openly hiding behind their smartphones.

It’s time to introduce your children to technology and learning the right way, know more tips and ideas on how technology can shape your children into better individuals academically, all on

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