How is technology influencing children’s creativity?

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Children today are attracted to video games than comic books. It’s no surprise though because creativity and art have gone into designing those artistic little video games. It indirectly encourages children to bring out their hidden artistic selves and helps them express in ways that they had never been able to do before.

We need to start seeing computer screens as more than just information machines. If fact, they are a new medium for creative design and expression. The more we learn and explore the abilities of technology, the more we get creative.

Blogs for creative thinking

Blogs are a great medium to introduce you to the development of creative thinking and writing in students. This directly provides the freedom to students to post about whatever interests them and comment upon or share each other’s opinions. This is a platform that lets you openly write on topics that intrigue and give vent to your ideas without having to worry about mistakes or grammatical errors. Blogging brings in a sense of responsibility to the students about what they choose to write about, and this influences their learning and they are encouraged to incorporate creativity thinking.

Cartoon and Comic Strip Tools

Of course, cartoons and comics are still widely loved by students. When they look at it, they automatically get engaged more than ever. So, isn’t it a great idea to introduce students to a set of friendly tools available on the internet that will empower them to create their own comic strips or cartoon animations. It will definitely give them a chance to let loose of their creative powers and discover a new world of creativity without any hindrance. ‘Cartoons for the Classroom’ has been topping the list of such popular websites that help children create their own comic strips.

Mind-Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

This is a great exercise to the mind! Brainstorming’s about different topics that are to be introduced to students are now becoming a great collaborative way in today’s teaching practices. It encourages the student to think out of the box and creatively. Brainstorming along with the use of technology makes it much easier and engaging for the students. They can use some user-friendly applications to make amazing mind-maps and visual graphs to showcase a topic or a concept.


Infographic is a treat to everyone’s eyes since they expose data in a colorful and catchy way. Putting a few free tools to use, the infographic students can create can be of a different level. This will make the interpretation of information much easier and quicker. They can put their innovation and imagination to build an infographic about a specific topic, concept or anything that amuses them.

Video and Audio tools

The internet is a place where you can find a pool of easy to use audio video and tutorial creation tools for students and teachers. It can be implemented in teaching and learning courses. Students can create videos about different concepts and themes and share them with their class or groups. This can be a great opportunity for them to learn new things and develop their creative skills. Here are some video-making tools for students, Jing, CamStudio, Screen, and much more can be found on the internet. And some popular audio recording tools are Vaccaro, Audio Pal, and Record MP3.

All of these technological tools are some kind of creativity triggers that would help students develop creative thinking and discover other essential skills from within them. These are easily accessible and very valuable opportunities for students to make their academic time more engaging.

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