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It is strange how electronic devices are pulling children away from books. Researchers state that professors often say that the students don’t read anymore because their eyeballs are glued to their smartphones. In fact, we are raising a generation that doesn’t understand the value of literature and books anymore.

It is no surprise that technology has taken over the text books. There are various reasons why textbooks are no more engaging to a student and the parents. In fact, parents find it difficult to have their children concentrate on the text books. When we look at the wider aspect of what has led to this situation where the textbooks are facing a grave end, it is only because they no more contain innovation or creativity. Text books these days are very heavy with respect to content. They are way more information than what can actually be processed by the mind.

This makes a student feel uneasy preparing for exams and other competitive levels. When it comes to primary schooling, the books contain pictures and text that are well related to the subject matter, but over a period of time, they become hard to memorize. Children these days seek engaging content where they can read remember and understand.

Some reasons we would like to shine light on –

The content in the textbooks are long and brief, making it look too exhausting to read

There are not many pictorial representations where students will find it easier to visualize and learn

Dilution of the content where understanding becomes a challenge

Many different authors showcase different thoughts over the same subject matter, leading to significant confusion in the students

It is not so portable! We have to carry different textbooks for different subjects whereas after the involvement of technology we need just a tablet or an iPad to do the job.

Along with this depleting rate of textbooks, there is also polarization of old and new standards. Maybe this is the leftover sediment driven from an anti-screen mindset that has always been on the fringes of the golden age of television. It is a myth-like story that puts its best efforts to cast books as the underdog in the battle against techno-imperialism. However, different people have different mediums to study…it is important to choose the best that suits your interest.

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