How can parents help their children study well?

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There are many ways how parents can help their children learn and develop skills

effectively. The problem here is with maximum school going children have

working class parents and they often are very busy. They may be working really

hard or busy taking care of other family members. It eventually gets difficult for

them to concentrate on their children’s academics.

But still, no matter how busy parents are, there are certain ways they can help their

children. Lately many research teams have discovered creative ways to help

parents stay involved in their children’s learning and development activities. Here

are some useful tips that might help you identify where your kid needs your

attention and up to what extent –

  •  Tell your children that you are expecting good from them. It is important to

communicate your expectation. But make sure that you don’t sound


  •  Schools these days have parent portals; it is a great way to keep track of your

wards academics performance in specific assignments or tests. Make sure you

check frequently.

  •  Interact with your kid, use different learning strategies make flashcards, use

revisions to writing drafts, teach them how to proofread, they could probably

study along with a family member, constantly review notes, etc.

  •  Youngsters these days are highly influenced by aspirations and goals; you could

take advantage of the same and talk to them in a very motivating way. You

could indeed foster career aspirations with the student. Thought the aspirations

and ideas about the future might change over the student’s four years of

graduation course, but it is important to talk about setting goals and chasing


  •  Help your children understand the value of future, help them dream of a better

future. Ask them what he/she would like to do with life, where do they envision

themselves in the next five years.

  •  Cultivate a strong academic ethos in them, on how to spend time wisely and

study while others are out with friends, socializing, and having fun. It is

important at this situation to show your kids on how to see the “big picture”. It

is true that someone said; work hard while you can, so that you can enjoy your


  •  Encourage your children to join interactive clubs, sports activities, and other

engaging activities at school and bond with their classmates. Learning is always

not from the textbooks we read day in and day out; small activities along with

their team will make a better impact on how their brain functions. Interesting

seminars, museums and such social places are of great visual learning to the


  •  There are many free courses and services to enhance your kids learning skills

such as summer camps, abacus classes and online applications and programs

etc. Enroll them to any one of them, it will help them learn new things and also

discover creative ideas.

  • You need not drag the burden of teaching your children at home or help them

with their homework, instead make it a habit that they to stay organized and do

their homework as per schedule. They will build a sense of responsibility and

will also stay engaged.

  • Provide augment or supplement instruction to your ward through books,

enrollment in co-curricular activities, and also make use of technology and

introduce them to the free online courses provided by many educational

websites like PiRuby. This will help your children get more exposure to a

variety of study programs in many subjects.

If all of this isn’t getting your children to stay focused on academic goals, we have

the ultimate solution; stay tuned for more information on

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