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Scoring in exams is not your ultimate task to progress ahead though it is an important skill to acquire. This one test has all the impact on students’ grades as all of the homework assignments they have completed throughout the entire semester are combined.
Bu the truth is most students have never prepared effectively for exams. And the methods they assume are effective are actually not as effective as they believe. Research suggests that most students have a poor understanding of which study tactics are most reliable, and yet they routinely prepare for tests using inefficient learning strategies.
So here are the top 5 major reasons of poor performance in the exams –

You are not starting early enough

Many students prefer studying for final exams just a couple of weeks ahead. After several days of convincing yourself it will be ‘OK’ to skip this one day and get started tomorrow but you never really start! Studying for exams often takes more time than you anticipate. The early you start the better are your results.

Not working along the material

Mock tests or as you call it practice testing is the most effective way for students to prepare themselves for exams. Researchers state that the students who test themselves on the material they are preparing with produced better results compared to the students who failed to do the same. Practice testing is an exercise that allows students to avoid ‘illusions of competence’. Unfortunately, students spend more time on reviewing their notes rather thantaking practice tests. Taking these practice tests will both enhance your memory and also confirm that you have actually learned it.

You are reviewing information you already know

Isn’t it naïve that you spend more time on the topics you already know, this gets you nowhere! Doing problems that you are familiar with is comfortable, and gives you a nice boost to your self-confidence. But there is a problem; this approach is time consuming to work through. It is important that you take up other challenging problems that you don’t know how to solve; this is what you end up missing during the exam.

You are only memorising, you need to understand!

Students who have a habit of just memorising all the solutions for the questions from a class, rather than truly understanding the underlying concepts often perform bad during pressure situations like exams and tests. Memorizing can only work well in few cases, maybe in elementary and middle school, but when in more advanced classes, it backfires! If you’ve memorised a definition that you really have not understood then as soon as the information is presented in a slightly different format you probably will panic. You need a better idea! Maybe reading it out loud in your own words, or teaching them to someone else might help you explore the actual concept behind it.

Do you even have a PLAN?

The biggest mistake we see students committing during the exam times is studying something without knowing the actual priorities. This is one of the biggest mistakes of all, as it affects all of the others studying habits.When you don’t know what grades you are aiming for, what material is most important for you to prepare for a certain exam and how to study it effectively? Then there are chances that you will either go into the exam unprepared or end up wasting a lot of time reviewing unimportant information.
Stay tuned to our blog posts while we are about to answer all your concerns on how to prepare effectively for your next exam. The solution to all your queries will be within one product that will change the history of learning.

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