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While we were in our early elementary grades, it was probably the norm for an entire school to only have a handful of computers, centralized in a lab and used rarely. It’s completely opposite now; kids these days have grown up in a technology-rich environment. Sitting at a desk jotting down the figures from a chalkboard is no more into their strengths as students by the time they reach elementary school. Though passive learning definitely has its place, as kids have to memorize facts and figures just like the olden days, it is also equally important that they get to see a few presentations via the projector in order to start exposing them to interactive learning. However, more and more schools have opted for interactive learning to inspire students and keep the teacher-student relationship vital –

What is interactive learning?

Interactive learning is a more or less a real-world process of relaying information in classrooms. In other words, its passive learning relies on listening to teachers’ lecture or rote memorization of information, figures, or even equations. But in the case of interactive learning, students can participate in the conversation, for example via technology such as online reading and math programs or through role-playing group exercises conducted in classrooms.

How is it beneficial?

Apart from only engaging students who are raised in a hyper-stimulated environment, interactive learning also sharpens critical thinking skills thatare fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning in a student. Any child who can explore an open-ended question with imagination and logic is entitled to learning the decision making process, as opposed to just regurgitating memorized information from the teacher or books. Also, interactive learning teaches children the advantages of team work and how to work successfully in groups;this has become an indispensible skill at workplaces as there is more team-based structure in the corporate levels.

How to continue interactive learning at home?

Well, it’s no rocket science! All you got to do is talk to your child. Make sure you ask them open-ended questions about the day at school to begin a conversation. If you happen to ask them a regular “How was your day at school?” question then be prepared to just receive a noncommittal “fine” in response. Instead, you could try asking them some of the specific, but still conversation-starting, questions in order to continue learning at home. You can indeed explore online learning games and activities with your child if that’s what interests them, it also can serve as extensions to what they are learning in their classrooms.

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