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Augmented reality is the current trending topic in the digital world, but it’s getting much more renewed focus and attention with the release of vivid products to support its purpose. Augmented reality is a game-changing technology that works on computer vision based on recognition algorithms to augment audio, video, graphics and other sensor related inputs on real world objects via the camera of your smart device. In fact, it is a great way to render real world information into the present in an interactive way so that virtual elements become a part of the real world.
Augmented reality exposes us to the superimposed information in any field of view and can take you into a whole new world, where it gets difficult to cite any difference between the real and virtual worlds. AR is however not limited to just desktop or mobile devices.
Some of the Real-World Examples Are –
<li>The printing and advertising industries have also been developing apps related to displaying digital content above the real world magazines.</li>
<li>With the help of AR, many travelers gain access to real-time information related to historical places by just pointing the camera viewfinder towards them.</li>
<li>Augmented Reality is very beneficial in developing translation applications that can understand and translate texts in other languages for you.</li>
<li>With regards to location-based AR apps, there are many that have taken geographical identification to the next level. It enables users to access information about the nearest places that are relative to their current location. They can even get information about the places they choose based on previous user reviews.</li>
<li>Augmented reality has also brought in a remarkable dimension to the gaming segment with real life character feel in the latest games and consoles. Example, Pokemon Go, Batman Arkham VR and Elite: Dangerous are some of the top trending games of 2016.</li>
<li>There is also a significant contribution towards the interior designing and retail sector by the AR. For instance, in the designing segment, AR helps us to choose the furniture and visualize how it might fit into our house and the spaces we choose, this will help us make better decisions while buying expensive furniture or art crafts.</li>
<li>AR applications have begun to make a remarkable presence in the educational sector while it is trying hard to penetrate the current market. Many applications are being developed which are embedded with text, images, and videos along with real world curriculums. One such university that has already laid hands on this wonderful technology is our very own University of Varanasi, Delhi.</li>
This is certainly a new leap of faith into the technological evolution, read more about augmented reality and other updates exclusively on

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